Understanding the Importance of Adderall Drug Rehab

If you’re struggling from Adderall abuse or addiction, don’t let it go untreated. Discover the importance of finding an effective Adderall drug rehab facility before it’s too late.

Over 7 Million People in This Country Admitted to Using Prescription Stimulants Like Adderall

Previously a great high school student, Cody struggled adjusting to the pace of college during his first semester. Before a big exam, his roommate suggested taking Adderall to help him get through an all-night study session. The drug helped Cody focus, allowing him to get an “A”.

The Effects of Adderall Abuse

After his successful exam, Cody became hooked. He continued using Adderall, even adding it to his weekend drinking escapades to keep the party going. While it made him feel more energetic and—in his mind—more productive, his friends started noticing he was always on edge. He also began losing weight. Although his friends were concerned about his well-being, Cody assured them he was fine.

The End Result of an Untreated Adderall Addiction

Near the end of his second semester, Cody found that he couldn’t live without Adderall, taking up to 1,000 mg on a given day. During exam week, he found himself staying up for days at a time. Right before his last exam, he felt as though he needed an extra push. Weary from lack of sleep, Cody lost track of how much Adderall he took. Two hours before his test, he began hallucinating and shaking uncontrollably alone in his dorm room.

He ended up collapsing on his dorm room floor, where his roommate found him dead hours later.

Seek Adderall Drug Rehab Before It’s Too Late

If you’re struggling with Adderall addiction, don’t wait for an overdose before you get help. Millions of people just like Cody never get the chance to experience recovery at a young adult treatment center.

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