Adderall Drug Facts and Statistics

Adderall Drug Facts Not Mentioned on the label.


Adderall is relatively new to the substance abuse landscape. That’s why it may be helpful to learn Adderall drug facts and statistics.

Adderall Drug Facts: 60% of Users Are 18–25 Years Old

Without a doubt, the 18–25 year-old demographic leads the way when it comes to Adderall drug abuse. The brand name combination of amphetamine and dextroamphetamine is a big hit among young adults because it increases focus, energy and productivity. These short-term effects allow individuals to succeed academically and in the workplace. However, many of these same individuals are unaware of Adderall’s dangerous short and long-term effects.

Adderall Drug Facts: 30–40% of Undergraduates Reported Using During Mid-Terms and Finals

As previously stated, users report prolonged bursts of energy and focus when they use Adderall. With the academic pressures at many universities, some students are willing to try anything to gain an edge. Therefore, individuals use Adderall to supplement all-night study sessions. While an inevitable crash follows, many figure earning a good grade is worth it.

Adderall Drug Facts: Adderall Users Are 90% More Likely to Be Binge Drinkers

Adderall and alcohol is a dangerous combination. Along with using Adderall to aid studying and job function, people use the drug to complement their partying habits. Adderall can make people numb to alcohol’s effects. It causes the body to stop regulating consumption, which can very easily lead to over-drinking or alcohol poisoning.

Adderall Drug Facts: Only 10% of People Struggling with Substance Abuse Ever Get the Help They Need

In 2011, almost 22 million Americans fit the criteria for substance use disorder. However, only 2.5 million actually sought treatment. Maybe they didn’t believe they needed help, or maybe they didn’t know where to go. Regardless of the reason, the important thing is understanding that there are quality Adderall drug rehab programs available throughout the country. The best facilities offer comprehensive treatment options and therapeutic approaches, giving people the best chance at recovery.

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