How Adderall is Affecting Young Adults

Adderall is a prescription drug. It is commonly given to people who have ADHD. In those who should take it, these drugs help to control impulsive behaviors and hyperactivity. Those who do not have ADHD who take this drug can create intense amounts of energy and focus. In these situations, it is often used illicitly, especially by students. If that sounds like what is happening to you, you may have an Adderall addiction. You may need Adderall addiction therapy.

How Does Adderall Addiction Form?

Adderall addiction can occur in those taking their prescription medications. It is less common to occur in those who use the prescription as their doctor recommends. Yet, many people use it outside of these requirements. For some who use Adderall, doing so seems necessary to help increase focus and energy. You may feel as though you do not have to sleep and can study all night. You may use this drug as a way to get through those finals or to combine an active social life with your studies. Adderall addiction is worrisome and can be life-threatening. Continued use can lead to:

  • Overdose resulting in a heart attack, stroke, or liver failure
  • Cognitive decline
  • Polysubstance use (taking more than one drug)
  • Mental health disorder development such as depression
  • Increased risk of side effects such as anxiety, hallucinations, and irregular heartbeat

If you are facing Adderall addiction, it’s essential to get help. Doing so requires learning more about the prescription drug therapy Florida residents can select and then embracing it.

Isn’t It Safe to Take?

How does Adderall lead to addiction? Isn’t it just a prescription medication? This is a common misconception. While it is safe for those who have been prescribed this medication to take it, it is not safe for everyone. Most importantly, those that use these drugs are likely to develop an addiction when they use them outside of the prescription itself. Unless your doctor has determined it is safe for you to use these drugs, you should not do so.

How Can You Get Help for Adderall Addiction?

If you have developed an Adderall addiction, it’s time to consider treatment options. Even if you use these drugs infrequently or find yourself craving them every day, it’s important to reach out for professional help.

A young adult addiction treatment program can improve your health and give you the tools you need to thrive. Whether you are in college or developing an Adderall addiction at home, your first step is to reach out for professional help and support. The right treatment can help ensure your needs are met physically and mentally.

Adderall addiction treatment may include a range of therapies and treatments. This may include:

  • Drug detox services to rid your body of the substances
  • Evidence-based therapy to work on strategies to avoid relapse
  • Holistic therapy to help heal your mind and body
  • Individual therapy to work on your specific needs
  • Group therapy to build support
  • Family therapy programs

With a wide range of treatment options available to you, it is possible to find help for Adderall addiction. You can work to heal your health and work on managing any mental health disorders you have. The key is to find the right treatment for your unique needs.

Are You Struggling with Adderall Use? Seek Out Help Today

Adderall addiction has to be dealt with because it can spiral out of control. Whether you are using a prescription more so than you should or using someone else’s medications, now is the time to get help. Reach out to a treatment center today to get the support you need. Your life could depend on the actions you take today.

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